Hola, my name is Mark Payne and I'm a Melbourne based visual artist and designer. My profession calls on me to deliver highly polished designs that consider the emotional state of the user. This work ethos has bled over into my personal art practice, where I seeks to create ambitious visuals that produce an emotional state in the viewer. My work centres around the beauty of the human form, what motivates us, the darkness in trauma and of the spaces we inhabit. I'm never content with just one medium, I flick my attention around, from traditional drawing and clay to cutting-edge 3d scanning, digital sculpture and VR worlds.

I'm always interested in artistic collaborations so feel free to say Hola back on one of the following social networks.

What I've been doing

06/11/16 In stride

Animating digital characters with motion capture not intended to be used on their sex. Finalist in Midsumma Australia Post Art Prize 2017

14/09/16 Queertech.io

A collection of over twenty digital artworks by queer artists from around the globe that contribute to ongoing global conversations about #QueerTech practices & perspectives. Extremely proud to be part of the curatorial team with Alison Bennett, Travis Cox & Xanthe Dobbie.

30/07/16 HyperBubbles

A 360º photoshoot to capture an abandoned warehouse ends up in an adventure of digitally twisting reality.

16/05/16 Her fondest memories

This poem & animation exposes something locked within a trauma I experienced, where I watched someone fall onto a pavement from a great height.

09/02/16 Machine Age

I have been privileged to work with Machine Age (Adrian Mauro) on the single artwork and teaser video for his new single - 'Don't Look' - So proud of Adrian, I can't wait to see how far this beautiful song goes for him.

23/01/16 The Creators Project

Before we even exhibited the Virtualdrag! project we've received immense support from internet art sites ... & humble brag time - we got featured on the Creators Project, it's kinda a big deal :)

1/11/15 Talk @ OpenLAB Melbourne

In November, OpenLAB Melbourne invited me to give a 40 minute artist talk. I went through my 'the Ghosts of Strangers' art project, pulling apart some of the images in detail.

14/10/15 Virtual Drag!

Started working on the VIRTUAL DRAG! project (which will be part of the Midsumma Festival 2016) - An immersive exhibition of 3D scans of drag performers via virtual reality headsets and projections with fellow artists Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith

20/5/15 the Ghosts of Strangers

Finally launched an online home for the Ghosts of Strangers project

5/5/15 Exploring Photogrammetry

I wrote up a version of a quick talk I gave at a Media Lab Melbourne event as part of Pause Fest 2015
Presented at medium.com

20/3/15 Brunswick Street Gallery Presents "The Internet is a Cultural Object"

Photos from my part in this amazing exhibition - Curated by Miriam Arbus, the exhibition revealed both the aesthetic and social developments that are a result of our lives being permeated by the ever-present internet.

10/2/15 A quick talk on exploring photogrammetry

Gave a talk in a PechaKucha styled event held by Media Lab Melbourne as part of Pause Fest 2015 on what I've been doing with Photogrammetry

Art projects

VirtualDrag! 2016

VirtualDrag! is an immersive exhibition of 3D scans of drag performers via virtual reality headsets and projections by Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith & Mark Payne

the Ghosts of Strangers 2015

An art project which visually explores how any interaction we have with strangers has the potential to linger on forever in our lives.

MetroRedux 2014

Remixing objects & environments using photogrammetry & 3D manipulation

A Second Hand Life 2010

An ongoing collection of slides that I have purchase from op-shops, garage sales, camera swap meets or flea markets.

Artist statement

I have always been interested in the process of archiving; growing up admiring my grandmother’s photo collection. These photos held deep memories of joy and meaning for her. For me, they displayed perpetually fading faces lost to time— later realisation proved this the result of cheap manufacturing and ongoing degradation.

Digital archives by their very nature will never fade or grow fungus. They will not show water damage, or suffer folds and creases. Tremendous energy and care maintain digital archives, to preserve the data today and into the future. Data servers house our memories in the cloud, fully automated, and with impeccable redundancy.

As a part of my artwork, I practice photogrammetry— a process of capturing a series of images around a fixed subject, and using software to create a 3D digital representation of the original. This method is not without error, however it’s those errors and glitches that I’ve sought out. Experimenting and predicting potential errors in the software has shaped my work; the less detail you give the software, the easier it is to playfully coach the glitches and anomalies.

Through my work I force the digital contemporary to represent itself as though it too as fallen in time; as if it’s suffered the same destructive power my grandmother’s photo collection has. Digital archives will of course last, but the acquisition of the original subject has already been corrupted— the clearest representation of them has been lost. My portraits are a collaboration between what software can see, the original subjects I choose to capture, and with the methods I choose to archive it.


Exhibition history

  • 2019 Group exhibition, Gay Life Drawing Melbourne as part of the Midsumma Festival
    • Hares & Hyenas, Fitzroy, Victoria
  • 2019 Group exhibition, Dodgypaper - Final Exhibition @ Docklands
    • Dodgypaper, Docklands, Victoria
  • 2019 Group exhibition, FIFTY SQUARED ART PRIZE 2019
    • Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria
  • 2017 Finalist / Group exhibition, Midsumma - Australia Post Art Prize
    • Fort Delta, Melbourne 3000. Fri 20 Jan to Sun 5 Feb 2017.
  • 2017 Group exhibition QueerTech.io = Art(URL, IRL);
    • Midsumma Horizon, data-projections at Testing Grounds Sat 4 Feb 2017
    • Melt Festival, data-projections on Turbine Walls at Brisbane Powerhouse - Brisbane 25 Jan–05 Feb 2017
    • Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, data-projections at Heaps Gay Mardi Gras party - Sydney 2017
  • 2016 Group exhibition, Self Portraiture - Curated by Yolantha Morrigan
    • Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria
    • 2016 Solo exhibition, VirtualDrag! by Payne, Beckwith & Bennett
      • Feb 2016 Testing Grounds - Melbourne, Victoria 1-7 Feb 2016, supported by the Australia Council & Deakin Motion Lab, a Midsumma Festival Premier Event.
      • April 2016 The Melbourne Queer Film Festival (MQFF) - ACMI - Melbourne, Victoria - April.
      • April 2016 The Kaleidoscope World Tour - Melbourne, Victoria - April 12
      • April 2016 #UNIT FESTIVAL 2016 World's First Queer Tech Conference presented by Unicorns in Tech, Berlin - April 16
      • May 2016 Featured on '360 VISION', Screen NSW's showcase of Australian VR content
      • Sept 2016 Kaleidoscope VR - 2016 Summer Showcase
        • Run throughout September 2016 - LONDON - 6th, NEW YORK - 13th, BERLIN - 16th, LOS ANGELES - 22nd, SEOUL - September 23rd, SAN FRANCISCO - September 30th, 2016
      • Dec 2016 Included into the 3D Additivist Cookbook - devised and edited by Morehshin Allahyari & Daniel Rourke, is a free compendium of imaginative, provocative works from over 100 world-leading artists, activists and theorists.
      • Jan/Feb 2017 MELT Festival - Brisbane
    • 2015 Group exhibition, The Internet as a Cultural Object - Curated by Miriam Arbus
      • Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria
    • 2014 Group exhibition, 40x40
      • Brunswick Street Gallery, Fitzroy, Victoria
    • 2014 Group exhibition, Linden Postcard Show 2014
      • Linden Art Gallery, St Kilda, Victoria
    • 2012 Group exhibition, Papergirl BNE
      • Brisbane, Queensland
    • 2008 Solo exhibition, Urban Grind Cafe
      • Brisbane, Queensland

    Publication History

    • 2009, 2010, 2013 Artwork in the Semi-Permanent Conference Books

    Speaking History

    • 2015 Lecture, OpenLAB November by Media Lab, Docklands Library, MEL, VIC
    • 2015 Pecha Kucha Style, Happenspace by Media Lab, PauseFest, MEL, VIC


    • 2016 IMA Best in Class - Science/Technology > Australian Department of Communications Annual Report 2014-2015
    • 2015 Melbourne Design award - Gold in the category Service > Government for the website TIS Online | TIS National
    • 2015 Melbourne Design award - Silver in the category Digital Experience > Website > Government for the website TIS Online | TIS National
    • 2014 Melbourne Design award - Silver in the category Service > Government for the website donatelife.gov.au
    • 2014 Melbourne Design award - Silver in the category Digital Experience > Website for the website youthdisabilityrights.org.au/
    • 2014 Sydney Design award - Gold in the category Service > Government for the website donatelife.gov.au