Fine Line

Fine Line is a showcase of works that exemplify the simplicity, intricacy and power of the Line.

What even is my hair

No idea what's happening with my hair

Artist statement:

My history in digital art sees me utilise the computer almost as a second artist to randomly generate elements in my art. I wanted to find that 'second artist' feeling in my works away from the screen. I was experimenting in a sketchbook one day and used way to much water and had to dry it quickly with a hairdryer for fear of ruining my book. This left interesting movements of the ink I was working with, some smooth and washed out, others sharp and dense. I picked up a pencil and just started to trace the demarcation lines where I saw the tonal values change. I kept experimenting with this, first in inks, onto watercolors and then recently moving into viscous volumes of acrylic. The process of tracing feels that I am creating weird maps, sketches of monsters or blueprints to elaborate gardens. By having fluid as my assistant set up the base structure, my work as an artist is to then slowly and meditatively find those lines that best describe what is the unseen detail.

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