machine age

I've been very honoured to have worked across numerous artworks for Machine Age (Adrian Mauro) leading up to and including his 2019 debut album cover 'Point of Departure'. The thread across all of these works has been this particle based 3D FX some using photogrammetry other using abstract forms.

Visualising the music

Album - Point of Departure

One of the hardest thing I've done is to create artwork to represent another artists body of work. There was lots of back and forwards around this and through the concept phase, a stone was unturned which defined the direction the cover needed to go. It was a very special process manifesting something beautiful and personal to Adrian which represents him moving along his life and musical journey.


Single - Dust 

This cover required a quick turn around and I reworked one of my existing artworks which was based on a 3D scan of a large sculpture found in the Melbourne Uni. My version faces you, this version faces away.


Single - Fighting 

After listening to the preview of this song, I instantly felt the tension of two people in a relationship. I wanted to show that in the cover art for this single. Fun fact, the girl is a vintage mannequin head and the man is a statue in Olso, Norway of a Fridtjof Nansen


Single - Don't Look

I have been privileged to work with Machine Age (Adrian Mauro) on the single artwork and teaser video for his new single - 'Don't Look' - So proud of Adrian, I can't wait to see how far this beautiful song goes for him.


Single - CID (Chivalry is Dead)

Created rapidly for an online release, the sound of this track is explosive and dynamic and I wanted to capture something alien ripping apart.


Behind the scenes